Mini Top is now Teeny Top. CLICK HERE. 

Anonymous asked » I've drawn teen top with reference from your drawing.i hope you don't mind,please^^

We don’t mind at all~~ <3 ;u;

-Admin Jo

Anonymous asked » Please, come back TT_TT

WE’RE BACK. omg.

We’re moving blogs though. (because two separate accounts are too much for me to handle)


your-scintilla asked » i really love the way u draw ur chibis <3 and ur blog is awsome!! do u have a tutorial of how to draw them in chibi form?

Sadly no.. I’m going to make one though. ^^ Someone already requested one for L.Joe. I’m trying to get the program to record me drawing on here. Not working out very well so far OTL

-Admin Jo

Sorry for not updating much… 

Admin Jo is working on a ChunJoe one shot manga right now. ;; I want to finish it all before I show everyone. I hope you guys understand… ><